Keep Them Safe

Lead-Proof your Kids

Lead is ever present in our everyday household items if we are not careful enough. If you think that you are too busy to look for the label of every item your child touches, then it’s time you should be educated about your young one’s lead tolerance level.



According to a research spearheaded by pediatrician Herbert Needleman, MD, and¬†psychologist David Bellinger, PhD, even a little lead can cause a negative impact on a child’s behavior and academic performance. The study was conducted by putting to the same series of tests and activities children with low-level and high-level lead in their bodies.

Undoubtedly, teachers observed that those with higher levels of lead find it more difficult to follow instructions, while being more hyperactive than those with lower levels. It was also shown that the exposure of these children to the dangerous element did not vary based on their status in social backgrounds.

Common Household Items with Lead Content

Therefore, it is imperative to be informed of the common items we see in our house that actually contain lead.

Plastic and Vinyl Toys and Accessories

Kid jewelries and accessories as well as plastic pots are some of the most common plastic and vinyl toys that kids purposely or accidentally put in their mouths. Be careful not to let them.

Art Supplies

Watercolor tubes and trays, mixing plates, and other artists’ supplies may have lead on them so be careful not to let them touch your child’s mouth.


Home paint liquids that are lead-based should always be kept away from children’s reach. If you’ve just finished a painting project, better make your children wear masks and don’t let them touch wet paint no matter what.

Decorative Figurines

Sure, we’d love those miniature figurines of all shapes as a display in our homes. But you have to be responsible not to let your child play with these items.


Batteries should either be stored inside a safe and appropriate container or disposed when not they are not working anymore. Even when functional or not, lead-containing batteries are always dangerous for your children.