Tantrums and Sweet Hugs



Most people would say that having a child is a challenge greater than any other. You bring this little person into this world full of hardships and you have to make sure he or she survives all of them. It’s easier said than done, actually. But no matter what the circumstances may be, your child stands above every aspect of your life.

That’s why every parent strives hard to provide everything a child may want or need for their respective development. As such, I’m here to help you out with all of your parenting woes. I know parenthood is a crazy world and you’ll need all the help you can get.

For starters, understanding your kid isn’t as easy as you’d like to believe. There’s a really big gap between your ages. There are a lot of things that you’ve gotten used to and your child won’t even have the slightest idea why. At the same time, you don’t even have a clue on about your kid and what motivates him or her.

Speaking of motivation, a lot of parents really struggle in this area. Instilling some much-needed inspiration into children is something most parents aren’t good at. They’d rather go with fear to discipline their kids because the results have been proven.

Well, I think there is a better way to discipline, inspire, and motivate young minds rather than make them afraid of you. In this blog, I’ll tackle how to I understand my kids better and how I do it in a loving manner.

Of course, understanding your kids is just the first step. You have to step in their shoes and spend quality time with them. And folks, it’s not just allocating a few hours just watching them play.

You have to engage your kids, talk to them, and play with them, among other activities. You need to set aside whatever you’re doing and be with them in mind, body, and soul. Otherwise, your kids will notice and they’ll resent you more for it. Now, that’s something I know you wouldn’t want for your family.