Babies and Air Conditioners: What Parents Should Know When Using This Appliance

Having a newborn baby is definitely one of the best feelings in the entire world. You finally have someone who embodies all your dreams and aspirations in life. And the best thing is, this person is tied to everything you do with your time. That’s the reason why parents are so concerned with every little detail when it comes to their babies. Their comfort and convenience takes center stage above everything else. And one of the ways to ensure a baby is comfortable is having an air conditioner at home. As such, here are some tips to make sure your AC unit will contribute to your baby’s development, and not the other way around.

But before we start, you should know that an air conditioner is really helpful in preventing certain ailments for your baby. This is true, especially when it comes to your precious’ skin. Having an air conditioner will help against rashes, dehydration, and even the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  All of these health problems are partly caused by a humid environment and warm temperatures so an AC unit will definitely help in these areas.


Re-direct your AC’s air flow

Since your baby hasn’t developed a strong immune system, every risk in your home is amplified. The same goes too to your air conditioner. If it produces a steady flow of cool air, your baby might catch a cold if there isn’t enough clothing to keep him or her warm. That’s why it’s very important to direct the airflow away. Not doing so will expose your baby to more cold air and a lot of diseases can be obtained. It’s better if you re-direct the flow upwards so the cold air will be evenly distributed in a room.


Maintain the right temperature

And since you can’t place your baby in a freezing room, you have to be vigilant in check the temperature your air conditioner is working with. If it’s too cold, your baby will certainly shiver and grow weak. On the other hand, if it’s too warm, the purpose of having an AC unit is defeated. Check your thermostat, adjust it accordingly, you’ll be good to go.


Always clean your air conditioner

Sure, having an air conditioner is great in taking care of your baby. At the same time, you are also placing your baby in danger if you haven’t cleaned your AC in a long time. Not only is your air conditioner’s performance a lot worse, the air it’s producing is also a lot dirtier. After a short amount of time, your baby’s developing lungs will take a hit if the air being inhaled is filled with dirt and dust. Do your baby a great favor and have your air conditioner cleaned right away. Just to be sure, it’s best to hire a professional to perform aircon servicing singapore in your household regularly.


Give your baby enough time to adjust to warm temperatures

After some time in a room with air conditioning, it’s not wise take your baby out immediately. You need to spend a few minutes for your baby’s body to adjust once you’ve turned off your AC unit. After doing this, you can now take your baby out. If you fail to do this, your baby might get sick due to a sudden change of temperature.

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