Raising a child up the proper way always starts and ends with love and effort.

Sure, it’s difficult to make a kid listen to Mom or Dad but there simply is no excuse for a parent not to make the child at the very least, communicate with him or her. Yes, they want what they want and they are unstoppable. But there’s a thin line between a spoiled brat and a kid who wants something so bad yet still has the right amount of fear towards his or her parent. The latter listens even when it doesn’t show. Little by little, he will understand the consequences of his actions and will learn to follow what his parent says, because he knows how to listen.

Proper communication between a child and a parent is almost 100% assured if you really spend quality time with your kids. Quality time not just once a month but more regularly. Eat with them during breakfast or dinner. Family time should be done daily if you want a stronger bond with your child. Being too busy is never an excuse.

There’s a lot of ways to be there for your young one(s) on a daily basis. If you’ll be out on a business trip or an important meeting, make sure to call him or her before he or she goes to sleep. The more you make an excuse not to, the more you lose the connection with your child.

Get to know your children. Listen to them. Make them understand what’s right from wrong. Try your best not to break any promises and show them that you practice what you teach them.

Have a monthly family bonding in a special place or do something extraordinary that the family has never done before. You will never run out of ways if love and effort, as I said earlier, are there. As a mother, I know it’s a struggle. It’s easier said than done. But it has be done. I spend each day trying to make it happen.


Let’s journey together in this crazy but worthy world of parenting.