Toilet Bowl Problems Your Kids Can Create

A bathroom will never be complete without the presence of a toilet bowl. This handy bathroom fixture provides us with so much comfort and convenience when nature calls on us. At the same time, toilet bowls ensure all of our body waste will be discarded in a safe and hygienic manner.

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But when the kids can’t be controlled, especially during their bath time, they tend to cause a lot of damage to these toilet bowls. When that happens, you need to discipline your kids and explain to them how to take care of this bathroom fixture. As such, here are some toilet bowl defects and their respective causes so your children will be more aware in the future.


Why Toilet Bowls Deteriorate

Careless Usage

Just like any fixture in your home, children will tend to misuse a toilet bowl anytime they get on it. Due to their young age and rowdy nature, they might press the flush lever a lot of times before the leave the bathroom. At the same time, they can step on the bowl itself and weaken its integrity.

Now, take all of those situations together and multiply them for a good number of days and you might see your bathroom toilet bowl deteriorating due to your kids’ irresponsibility.

The best thing to do here is to talk to your children carefully and show them how to use a toilet bowl afterwards. Place some kind of consequence on them if you see that they’re not using it properly too. This kind of action will help you kids be more aware of the proper usage of your home’s toilet bowl.


Something’s Stuck Inside

Water has to flow out of the toilet bowl in order to flush all of the waste away. If there’s an external object blocking its path, your toilet bowl’s water will accumulate and eventually, flood your bathroom floor.

Some of these objects include lots of tissue paper, plastic shampoo bottles, or sanitary napkins. Whatever the case may be, you have to be vigilant on your kids if they are throwing these items in your bathroom’s toilet bowl.

A good solution to this predicament is to place a trash container in your bathroom. With the help of this container, everyone in your home will have the chance to dispose of any trash properly. Plus, this will help prevent your kids from causing any blockage of water in your toilet bowl.


How to Solve Toilet Bowl Problems

We can’t always control every action of our children. Of course, we have to go work, handle so many tasks at home, and all of the important things we do in our daily lives. You can only do so much to prevent your children from destroying elements of your home, the toilet bowl included.

When any problems regarding your toilet bowl occurs, it’s always a wise choice to hire professional plumber Singapore to help you out. These contractors are trained and experienced to handle and repair any home plumbing problems your kids might cause.

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